An underdog to one day rule them all. The prince of posting platforms…Steemit! Here you get rewarded for the same thing you do on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media websites without investing anything. Your voice is worth something! Make sure it matters sharing any content you want on Steemit. This is a crypto-currency. For those who don’t know, crypto-currencies are things like Bitcoin/Ethereum etc. A technology called blockchain that uses decentralized computers for quick, verifiable, secure and private transactions.
Steemit is free to use because it’s easy for anyone to advertise on. The website supports everyone in earning money by giving the user a fair amount of the site’s worth rather than being on a stock market. When you sign up make sure to use the “BOOMBOX” tag after posting any music. I have two alternate profiles that will automatically share them too.

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Free “RE-Steems” TWO
Crypto-currency for Steem & Steem Bucks Dollars can be exchanged for Bitcoin on the
Poloniex (online exchange)
You can then download a Bitcoin wallet on your PC or Phone from the app store to store your Bitcoins (Avoid using “FREEWALLET MOBILE” – Bad service. BITPAY has their own app). Afterwards the Bitcoin can be exchanged for cash with a local buyer, Bitcoin ATM, Bitpay Debit Prepaid load card or any other “bitcoin debit card”, or online exchange.

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